Unusual Kitchen Tools You Can Try Using To Elevate Your Cooking

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Cooks are taking their craft to new heights with a multitude of unusual kitchen tools, all to create heavenly tasting sensations. Some of these cooking tools are new shapes given to traditional old kitchen tool design, while others are completely unique.

The designs are often as entertaining to the eye as they are useful to the kitchen. As well as being highly effective in their design purpose, they reflect the individuality and flair of the owner of the kitchen.

Also, it’s fun to show off the latest unusual kitchen gadgets to your guests. They can try and guess how you used them to create their meals.

unusual kitchen tools

The unusual kitchen tools elevating your cooking

Browning and crisping tools

BlowtorchA blowtorch might be expected to be seen in the hands of a plumber or sitting in a garage but the blowtorch has also found a place in the kitchen. It’s quite common to see a celebrity chef in Hell’s Kitchen or Masterchef using a blowtorch to caramelize sugar.

There’s something quite magical and dangerous about watching a chef light a small butane blowtorch and use it to caramelize the sugar on top of a crème Brulee.

Suddenly a competent chef looks more akin to an artist when he uses his kitchen blowtorch to create elaborate crystalline structures on pastries. If you’re feeling truly adventurous, purchase one of these unusual cooking tools and impress your guests by browning a meringue pie or crisping a baked Alaska.

Grating and slicing

Micro planeFor unusual cooking tools, there’s few more eye-catching than the Microplane.

Again, it’s a tool that might look more at home in the toolbox of a woodworker or a building contractor but it is very much a utensil found in the kitchen of a creative cook.

It’s a reworking of the kitchen grater, used to finely remove the outer peel from fruits and nuts.

You can finesse your desserts by using a Microplane and adding an extra dimension of zest to your sumptuous creations.


Vegetable SharpenerAnother of those fascinating tools is Vegetable Sharpener. Yes, you can sharpen vegetables. Who wants a blunt veggie? But it’s the shavings from the sharpening process that find a use on the plate.

These shavings become decorative garnishes and the artistic source of creative forms, such as a vegetable rose made of shavings.

You can use your own artistic inspirations to create these forms and impress your entire family with colourful garnishes. The vegetable sharpeners are available from retailers in a variety of sizes.


Pasta MachineIt may look like a medieval torture device made out of chrome but the pasta machine has been heavily popularized by celebrity Italian chefs. It’s a mechanical device, powered by a simple hand-crank.

With this unusual kitchen tool, you’ll soon be making fresh fettuccine and spaghetti from any type of pasta. Just add your favourite pasta sauce recipe and enjoy.

Celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson serve up delicacies that please the eye just as much as they do the taste buds. To create their masterpieces they use kitchenware that may look mysterious and unfathomable.  Although these handy and useful kitchen tools actually serve to aid in creating unique dishes.

An innovative cook will find no shortage of unusual kitchen tools on the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur seeking to follow in the footsteps of Gordon Ramsey.  Or a dedicated watcher of any number of celebrity chefs. Starting to use these tools will immediately add flair and colour to everything you cook.

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