Why You Need A Food Mixer And Which One Is Best

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Mixers and blenders contribute to accurate mixing and blending, a quick and reliable production process therefore allowing more time for other pursuits.  There are a number of brands and styles of food mixer on the market today. They will make life easier in the kitchen for any discerning cook.

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Hand, Stand or Stick Food Mixer

Whether you are wanting an electric mixer, a hand mixer, a stand mixer or a stick mixer, there is an appliance to suit every need.

A top model food mixer is the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. This appliance won the Product Review Award for 2017-2019.

kenwood food mixerIt has 10 variable speeds, which allows you to use it in a slow mode as well as fast mode. It has a 4-8L bowl as well as a 2-8L one.

The head is on a tilt to allow you to check the progress of the creation you are making.

Unlike other mixers the ingredients don’t get caught on the sides of the bowl as the planetary action of the blade prevents that from happening, ensuring an even mixture.

It is made wholly of metal with stainless steel bowls.  With a huge 300 watts of power.

Kenwood Chef XL Titanium KVL 8300s

bench food mixerThis 6-7L bowl capacity mixer is constructed from die-cast Aluminium for the body and has stainless steel bowls.  It has a powerful 1700-watt motor.

It comes with a dough hook, creaming beaters, folding tool, whisk and spatula. Everything you would want to create a gourmet meal. There are special attachments available also for this machine, an ice-cream maker, a blender as well as a spiraliser.

It’s not the cheapest food mixer on the market but the brand has been around for decades, an indication of the quality of the appliance.

Beeville’s Bakery Boss BME823

This appliance is built from die-cast metal and has a glass bowl with a handle, for easier pouring.  It has 12-speed settings with 1200 watts of power.

The beater is designed with an inbuilt spatula on either side so that is will scrap down the sides and allows for the ingredients to be   thoroughly mixed

This stand mixer would tackle most of your everyday needs.

Hand-Held Mixers:

Hand food mixerSunbeam manufactures a top-class hand-held mixer. It has 7 mixing speeds with 270-watt power.

While there are other brands on the market, Sunbeam is a hard brand to beat. At the end of the day it comes down to a personal choice of brands. They all function the same way and are excellent for that quick job that has to be done.

What is the difference between Stand Mixers and Hand Food Mixers?

Stand mixers have motorised, a bowl that locks in place and a head that holds not only the beaters but other accessories as well. They are usually quite heavy and bulky and are excellent for kneading dough.

Hand mixers as the name suggests is held in the hand to mix the ingredients. Excellent for small mixing and blending tasks.

Tip: Use a hand food mixer to whip mashed potato. It makes beautiful mashed potatoes don’t forget to add a dash of cream.

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