How To Know If Your Fridge Is Working

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Next to a dishwasher, a fridge is one of the most expensive major kitchen appliances you will have in your kitchen.  So it’s important to make sure your fridge is working right. As its lots of money to pay out if you need to get a major appliance tradesman in to look at it or replace it.

This is just a quick four tips to making sure if your fridge is working properly.

fridge is working

The fridge is working know-how

If your fridge isn’t cold enough, you can risk harmful bacteria developing in your food. Just make sure you follow these simple fridge safety tips to make sure your fridge is working as it should.

Buy a Thermometer

Use a thermometer to monitor varying temperatures in the different areas of your fridge. You don’t need to spend a lot – a thermometer from your chemist will do the trick.

Measure the top, bottom, door, and crisper temperature by leaving the thermometer in each spot for at least 10 minutes to get an accurate reading.

All areas should be less than 5oC. If your fridge is warmer than this, make sure you lower the temperature accordingly.

Check the door seals regularly

Make sure your fridge door is shutting and sealing properly to hold in the cool air it generates. If the seals are coming loose you need to replace them.

Don’t overstock your fridge

If there isn’t enough room for the air to circulate, your fridge won’t be able to cool properly or maintain an even temperature.

Location, Location

The fridge door is prone to the greatest fluctuations in temperature, so it’s safer to keep highly perishable foods, such as milk or cream, on a shelf high in the fridge, where the temperature is likely to be lowest.

Tips for buying a new fridge

If the worse has happened, and you need to buy a new fridge.  Here’s a tip for buying a new fridge.

Check the Energy Rating label.

While a four or five stars rated fridge may be more expensive to buy, it uses less electricity to buy.  This means it uses less electricity so it’s greener and cheaper to run over the long term.

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