Ultimate Battery Operated Blenders Guide And Top 3 Blender Reviews

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I have a lot of kitchen appliances, some on my countertops (Thank you, coffee maker).  Some buried in the back of my kitchen cupboards.  I think the biggest workhorse I have in the kitchen would be my blender.  I have both types of corded and battery-operated blenders in my kitchen arsenal.

The battery-operated blender I use is a bit more unique as I can take it with me if I go on a picnic or travel.  I’ve taken it to work as well, to blend a meal replacement shake on the run.

Battery operated blenders tend to be compact in design, obviously don’t come with a cord and can be recharged when they go flat.  They also tend to pack quite a punch in the blending stakes, just not as much as the cord models.

This post is all about buying battery operated blenders, and I review the top three units that I would recommend.

battery operated blenders

What are battery operated blenders

With health, nutrition and flavour being the focus, blenders have really developed into the workhorse in a modern kitchen.  It is also right there in the name they blend.  Designed with cutting blades that look like a propeller, powered by powerful little motors.  They chop or blend ingredients.

Battery operated blenders are blenders powered by a battery.  Meaning you do not need to plug them into a wall socket for a power source. The batteries will last a certain amount of run time, then they are required to be plugged into a power source for charging. Usually via a standard USB port,

The great thing about charging via USB is that you can find a charge point in cars, laptops, desktop computers, USB hubs or power banks.  Just about anywhere where you can plug in a USB plug.

These blenders are designed to be lightweight and compact.  Which means they are ideal for being thrown into a bag and taken with you.

You are unlimited to where you can take them as well.  Generally, they are quieter than their corded cousins.  They are perfect for small apartment living as well if you have limited space..

What makes a battery-operated blender different?


Without a doubt the highlight feature is portability.  Lightweight, small and compact in design, they are the perfect mobile blender.  Pack it in a bag, suitcase, cooler bag take it to the office, park, friend’s house, gym.  Pretty much anywhere you go, and you have the ability to have a blended meal on the run.  Perfect for people like me who use a meal replacement supplement once per day.

Lower speeds

They have less power and speed than a corded blender.  So, you might find you can’t do some of the things you would with a corded blender, like crush ice. So, consider them a lightweight portable blender.

Simple to use

They tend to be a little simpler to use than their corded counterparts.  Think fewer buttons and options to choose. I tend to use mine when I am out of the house.  They make amazing smoothies. Although you might even find they come with a limited accessory range.

How to choose a portable battery operated blender

I covered that above, they are just not as powerful as a corded model.  They are designed for compact use.  They firmly sit in the smoothies, shakes and soft foods area.  Unless you are highly mobile and live in a small apartment living with limited kitchen space.  These types of units might not be the best option for you.

When buying mine I evaluated these things

What I wanted to blend

It simple they are just not as powerful as a corded blender.  So they struggle with things like ice, and hard fruits. I use mine for meal replacement shakes and they are perfect.

Length of blending time

Again, if you are doing some major blending in the kitchen choose a corded model.  Battery operated blenders tend to run out of puff. Think simple prep times with a battery model.

Give consideration to what and how long you will be needing to use a blender.

Weight and size

This is where a portable battery-powered blender wins hands down.  They are designed are compact, lightweight and portable. A portable blender will be in the 1.5 to 5.5 lbs range.  Lighter is better, but you might lose some power with a small model.

Design and make

My mum used to say, “you get what you pay for”.  Portable blenders are no different.  Take great care when looking at the design and material they are made from.

The blade design is on top of my list. Look for blades that are stainless steel in design.  Being stainless, it makes them easier to clean and, helps stop bacteria growth.  You absolutely want removable blades as they are easier to keep clean.  You might pay a little more for that feature though.

Apart from the blades, the containers are generally a moulded plastic or a very durable glass.  With capacities starting at 12oz and up from there.

How easy they are to clean?

I am a cleanliness freak.  It’s super important to make sure you have a nice clean blender and all parts are free of food being stuck to it.

Most parts should be dishwasher safe, but please check first that they are dishwasher safe.  Just make sure you’re not putting the motor base in the dishwasher or you will be asking for problems.

Always try to clean them straight after use.  Foods and products can congeal on the blades if you don’t clean them quick enough.

Simple ways to clean your battery-operated blenders

You can clean your blender in two different ways.  A 30 second swirly and taking the time to wash it in your sink or throw it through your dishwater.

30-second swirly method

  • Try filling it up halfway up with hot warm
  • A squirt of dishwashing liquid
  • Press you start button for about 30 seconds.
  • Tip it out, rinse and repeat if needed.

Sink or dishwasher clean

  • Start with the 30-second method above
  • Take it apart, you want to make sure you don’t submerge the motor in water.
  • Wash the blades and the containers.
  • Make sure you dry it before putting it back together.


Battery-operated blenders are designed to be portable.  They tend to come with a handful of accessories, depending on the models.


Ever since I bought a microwave and it blew up in the first there months, I always look for a decent warranty term and policy on anything I buy.  The longer the warranty term the better.  I always take the time to fill in any warranty paperwork as well.  If it is submitted online ever better.

Cost of blender

It is all about what you get for what you pay for here.  You will be spending somewhere between $25 – $100 for a decent model.  

Top three Battery Operated Blenders

G-TING Personal Portable Blender

G-ting Portable blenderThis is one of my favourite models.  It has a nifty display screen, which will tell you the status of the blender.  You will get display messages like low batter, improper installation).  A food-grade stainless steel six blades which are super easy to clean.

It is perfect for making smoothies, juices, shakes, baby food e.t.c on the run.  Its got a great lockout feature, so it doesn’t turn on if the base is removed.

With a 3000mAh recharge battery built-in.  it is easy to plug into a USB port to recharge.  You will have a fully charged battery within about 2.5 hours.

Its got plenty of capacity making 15-20 cups of juice on a full charge.  It is plenty powerful with a no-load rating speed up to 16 500rpm.

Also, it has a travel lid so just removing the blender base you have an easy to use bottle to drink from.  It is perfect in the office, gym travelling, for juice, shakes or smoothies.


  • Middle of the road price wise
  • About 20 cups maximum capacity
  • Great display at the front


  • Ice blocks and frozen fruit pieces can’t be too big. So preparation first.

Price check, AMAZON


BlenderX cordless home, portable & travel blender

portable blendersThis model is really up there in the power stakes.  Its crushes and blends a standard ice cube and chunks of dry and frozen fruit and vegetables.  The BlenderX really is a workhorse, with very long-lasting battery life.

Its won its own portable blender award from Cuisinebank.  As this unit has so much power its great for home and outdoor use.  It comes with a water-resistant bag for travel and storage.

Made from hard-wearing moulded plastic, it can take some knocks along the way.  Also with food-grade stainless steel blades and motor base.  It’s easily cleaned.

Also a fantastic two-year warranty you are covered in case of travel defects.


  • Great capacity
  • Serious grunt under the hood
  • Detachable base


  • Higher-end of the price scale.
  • A little bit bulky.  I guess that’s where the power comes from.

NutriChef Cordless Personal Portable Blender

I loved this model, it is very lightweight and portable.  Able to do milkshakes, fruit juice, meal replacement shakes and smoothies with no issue.

With a simple one-button operation.  The 7.4Vlt battery powers a 100w high speed blending motor.  The container is 300 ml capacity of hard moulded plastic.

Food grade stainless steel blades, it can do small ice.  Priced really well as well, its a perfect travel companion.


  • Really easy to be charged in your car or laptop on the run.
  • Well designed with a hidden motor with blades.
  • BPA free moulded plastic, shaped like a drink bottle
  • Well priced


  • Only does small ice.

The wash-up

You need to get use a smaller portable model.  Once you do you will be amazed at how much you will use yours.  There are plenty of different models on the market, the top three reviews are just a few of the ones that I tired.

I travel a lot during the day, between friends, work and the gym.  Portable battery-operated blenders let you do all types of things, well still being able to through down a liquid meal on the run.

Just do your research, budget wisely and hopefully you will get years of use out of your battery-operated blender.

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