What Can I Do With An Air Fryer?

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Anyone serious about cooking in the kitchen.  Will probably have a cupboard or bench space full of the latest gadgets.  I guess that where air fryers come into it.  I took a look at what does an air fryer do before.  Now I want to do a deep dive into what can I do with an air fryer.

what can I do with an air fryer

What is an Air fryer?

First, let’s do a quick recap.  An air fryer is designed to mimic the results of deep-frying by circulating hot air with little to no oil.  It works with simple convection cooking.  Yes they are very similar to an oven.  Just a little bit more versatile with what you can do with the.

What can I do with an air fryer?

Apart from a healthy way to cook, there is an amazing number of things you do with your new fryer. From cooking your favourite potatoes to cooking a steak. Yep, that’s right you can cook steaks in a fryer.

You can do anything basically if you think of your air fryer as a mini oven or substitute deep fryer.

By that I mean you can bake cookies, make potato chips, make crispy bacon, air fry chicken wings, the list goes on.

You can find lots of recipe ideas here:

What you can’t do with an air fryer

They aren’t a magic box in your kitchen that will cook everything you put into it. There are some limitations to what you can cook

Raw vegetables, just about all greens, fresh cheeses, battered foods, loose seasonings, if you want bulk food cooked at once.

Just keep in mind that above list and think through what you want to cook with it first.

They are amazing cooking crisp things

It rocks at making food crispy, because on the convection function.

It’s also a really great kitchen appliance for reheating or cooking food that has been frozen.  I have an uncle that swears by it for cooking the perfect roast pork.  He thinks it makes the perfect pork crackle.

Take some and experiment with what you are cooking and the recipes you can try.  It really is a healthy cooking alternative to a deep frying anything.

Do you need one in your kitchen?

That’s like saying do you really need that glass of wine.  Probably not, but why not.

In the kitchen, you can get by with a frying pan and saucepan cooking most things.  But if you love the kitchen and want to cook, then yes.  Buying one is a really good piece of equipment to have in your kitchen.

They range in price, the cheaper ones tend to wear out a lot quicker.  If you’re interested in one, do some research first and pay a little bit more for a quality model.  I know I was surprised by what can I do with an air fryer.

I’m glad I got one. On average I use it about three or four times a month.

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